The main objective of the environmental consultancy is to reduce the negative impact on the environment through compliance with legislation and mainly in projects to save resources, as well as in projects to reduce the degree of environmental pollution.

The main task of the environmental consultancy is the analysis and formation of perspectives for the development of the company in the field of ecology with the use of economic-organizational and scientific-technical solutions.

If you need advice on environmental, hydrological and environmental issues, our company can help and advise you.

Environmental Impact Statement

We prepare and evaluate environmental impact studies for the execution of large infrastructure projects in the agricultural, transport, mining, energy and hydrocarbon sectors, in accordance with the terms of reference issued by the competent environmental authority.

Includes projects whose execution does not cause significant negative environmental impacts.

Studies of Semi-Detailed Environmental Impact

It includes projects whose execution may cause moderate environmental impacts and whose negative effects can be eliminated or minimized by adopting easily applicable measures.

Detailed Environmental Impact Studies

It includes those projects whose characteristics, size and / or relocation may produce significant negative environmental impacts (quantitative or qualitative), requiring in-depth analysis to review their impacts and propose the management strategy.